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As a photographer in this highly populated city, the small and silent moments strugged Kristian Bertel as well.

In this blog post the photographer Kristian Bertel tries to unmask the city of Delhi in India. A city of many moods and identities, Delhi has evolved countless personalities over its long, fraught history. It may not be the most beautiful city in India, but in many ways it is the grandest.

Portrait photography in Delhi, India
Delhi, capital city of the Federal Republic of India. It is one of India's fastest growing cities. It has sprawled over the West Bank of the river Yamuna, straddling the river. The city has two distinct parts, Old Delhi and New Delhi. Delhi is the second most widely used entry point into the country, being on the route of most major airlines. It is well linked by rail, air and road to all parts of the country.

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Photo of Delhi.

Old Delhi and its rich Mughal past
Historically, Delhi has always remained an important trading centre in northern India. Old Delhi still contains legacies of its rich Mughal past, which can be found among the old city's tangle of snaking lanes and teeming bazaars. The dingy markets of the Old City have an eclectic product range, from oil-swamped mango, lime and eggplant pickles, candy-colored herbal potions to silver jewelry, bridal attire, uncut material and linen, spices, sweets. Some of old regal havelis (palatial residences) are still there in the Old City.

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Busy people are walking in Delhi, India.

A diversity of its own
Delhi has a diversity of its own. There are people from various cultures and religion inhabiting together. Due to better employment and lifestyle people over the years have sifted their base to Delhi. The place has got a rich cultural history and background. The demographic mix is also diverse. An overview of Delhi people and population would reveal the city dynamics and other interesting details. Delhi people and population also reflect the cultural diversity. The diversity is seen at its best during any particular festival. People from all communities come together for a common cause. The notable festivals that are celebrated with great pomp and ceremony are Holi, Id, Guru Purab, Christmas, Diwali, and Buddha Purnima. Delhi is high on celebrations and festivals. People in Delhi are very open hearted, lively and love to enjoy life and its celebrations.

People in Delhi, India
Due to migration there has been an increase in population in Delhi. So the population is now a mix of immigrants and the Delhi borns. There have been people from the nearby places of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have shifted to Delhi owing to better living standards and lifestyle.

Capturing the subleties of India
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